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To The Journey Sets Crowdfunding Record

To The Journey: Looking Back at Star Trek: Voyager has set the record for most crowdfunded documentary film of all time, beating out the impressive $1,126,036 rasied by previous record holder Who the F*@% is Frank Zappa on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform.

To The Journey launched a $150,000 fundraising campaign on Indiegogo
at the special url: on March 1st, and at the conclusion of it’s campaign at Midnight on April 1st, had raised the record breaking amount of  $1,260,063.


The team promises fans of the series a unique film that will meet or exceed all expectations. The team is noted for the exceptional treatment of its previous documentaries: “What We Left Behind: Looking Back at Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” as well as the fan favorite, For the Love of Spock directed by Adam Nimoy, son of actor Leonard Nimoy.

Executive Producer and Director of this Documentary David Zappone:

The entire Voyager Documentary team and Cast of Star Trek Voyager
continues to be amazed and grateful to the fans of Star Trek for their
overwhelming support of this documentary.  We have many more surprises in
store in the next couple weeks before the campaign wraps; some of which we
are still waiting on CBS approval before we can announce them. Stay tuned to
our social media accounts for more information.

DS9 Documentary Smashes Past Fundraising Goals

As the clock struck midnight on Friday March 10th, the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine documentary; What We Left Behind completed its 30 day Indiegogo fundraising campaign. The campaign raised upwards of $530,000, smashing its original $150,000 goal on it’s first day, and hitting all of the subsequent stretch goals during the campaign’s run. The success of the campaign marks a triumphant moment for Indiegogo, as the film shatters the record for the crowdfunding site’s documentary category becoming the highest funded documentary project, beating out previous record holder Think: The Legacy of Think and Grow Rich total of $364,880.

Spearheaded by series show runner Ira Steven Behr, and with the producing and directing team from the 2016 documentary For the Love of Spock, this new documentary aims to take a detailed look at what was once considered “the black sheep of the Star Trek franchise”, conducting all new interviews with the majority of principal and reoccurring cast members, production, and writers, giving fans of the series an unprecedented look into the writers’ room, as the story for episode one of a mythical season 8 is broken. The documentary also hopes to break new ground in presenting some limited Deep Space Nine show clips in high-definition for the first time. The production is currently in talks with CBS Studios to attempt to scan some of the original film negative from the show, and is working with VFX veteran Doug Drexler to render new visual effect elements exclusively for the documentary.

Music Video Production Company Los Angeles CA

William Shatner Music Video To Premiere on AXS TV Oct. 8th!

This Tuesday, October 8th at 7:00 pm EST / 4:00 pm PT, William Shatner will sit down with host Ryan Stout on AXS TV’s “AXS Live” program for an exclusive premiere of the brand new music video for the title track “Ponder The Mystery” from his new album.  The music video was produced by 455 Films.

Tune in as Shatner talks about his new album, the music video and his upcoming tour dates.

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The Captains Close Up DVD Review

The moment William Shatner signed on to play one of the most beloved figures in television and film history, Captain James Tiberius Kirk, his life changed forever. He loved and adored by millions of people, but his most loyal fanbase is definitely the Trekkie! He continues to stay involved with the Trek world doing varies things which include the awesome 5 part series he wrote and directed for Epix called The Captains Close up that tied into the 2011 documentary The Captains.

He pretty much interviewed and profiled actors who played Starfleet captains in the original Star Trek and the current films and whatnot. It has been released on DVD and is the perfect DVD for all the Trekkies out there who love William Shatner and would love to spend time listening to other Starfleet captains talk about their experiences. It stars off with Shatner himself and showcases a lot about him, then his part in the film closes out with current Captain Kirk, Chris Pine, appearing and they share questions. The rest of it has Shatner interviewing Patrick Stewart,Avery Brooks, Kate Mulgrew, and Scott Bakula.

Throughout each interview episode, the interviewed captains talk about their lives before Star Trek and during. This entire DVD is the perfect thing to get if you’ve become a current Trekkie thanks to 2009′s Star Trek and 2013′s Star Trek Into Darkness, each directed by J.J. Abrams, so you can see interviews and slowly add on to your obsession by watching all the past Star Trek!
With Christmas slowly approaching, it might be time to think of the Trekkie in your life and get this DVD!

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William Shatner's Get a Life

William Shatner on his Documentary “William Shatner’s Get a Life!”

The Hollywood Reporter posted a video where Rebecca Ford interviews William Shatner about the making of his recent documentary:

The Star Trek star reveals why he wanted to make the documentary and the reason behind why people still love the sci-fi series.

He added, “The mysteriousness and mystique of space is such, that science fiction attempts to tantalize you by telling you a story that could possibly be out there and that’s the appeal of science fiction.”

Watch the full interview:

Shatner Interviews Fellow Star Trek Captains in New Documentary

For the past 45 years, William Shatner has gone boldly where few actors have gone before thanks to his iconic role as Captain James Tiberius Kirk on the original “Star Trek” series

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William Shatner’s The Captains Set to Launch

The Captains, an original, feature length documentary by William Shatner in collaboration with Executive Producers David Zappone and Kevin Layne has been completed and is now set for its US premiere.

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William Shatner’s Gonzo Ballet

A Big Screen Entertainment Group production. Produced by David Zappone, Michael Manasseri, Kevin Layne. Executive producers, William Shatner, Kimberly Kates, Scott Woollery. Directed by Patrick Buckley. Co-directors, Bobby Ciraldo, Andrew Swant, Kevin Layne.
With: William Shatner, Ben Folds, Margo Sappington, Henry Rollins, Michael Pink, Elizabeth Shatner.

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Director Helps Shape Shatner’s Vision

Director and editor Kevin Layne has worked with his share of famous people, done productions for both network and cable shows, and been on projects with the likes of Gloria Estefan and Deep Purple.
But he admits sitting across from celebrated actor William Shatner was a daunting experience.

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