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455 Films

455 Films is an award-winning film and television production company headquartered in Hollywood, California. Founded by producer David Zappone in 2009, the company has released a number of critically acclaimed television specials and documentaries with television icon and writer/director William Shatner.

Partnering with Zappone and Shatner is veteran producer/director Kevin Layne, and together the team has produced an impressive amount of compelling content including: The Captains (a feature length Star Trek documentary), William Shatner’s Get a Life, Still Kicking (featuring Academy Award winning actor Christopher Plummer), and the five part miniseries The Captains Close Up. Additionally, The Captains and William Shatner’s Gonzo Ballet have screened in prestigious film festivals all of over the world, receiving several awards and nominations.

Rounding out the 455 team is industry post production/producing veteran Joe Kornbrodt and story editor/producer Helene Layne.

Meet the Team


David Zappone Producer

David Zappone is the owner and president of 455 Films, an award winning film and television production company based in Los Angeles. Since its formation in 2009, 455 Films has worked with William Shatner’s Melis Productions to produce documentary and reality-based content.


Kevin Layne Producer/Cinematographer

Kevin Layne, a veteran of the television and film industry, has produced, directed edited or been the director of photography on hundreds of productions in an award winning 26-year career.

Joe Kornbrodt Producer/Editor

Joseph Kornbrodt is a Producer/Editor based out of Los Angeles with over twenty years experience in Hollywood. He has been blessed to work on many aspects of the creative/post production side of the film business, with many talented individuals and countless projects, primarily in theatrical and television marketing.

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